Type of Fungicides-History, Effects 4 Plants

HISTORY OF FUNGICIDES There are different types of Fungicides that are agents or chemicals and are used to prevent or eradicate fungal infections from plants or seeds. Most fungicides¬†have low to moderate toxicity. In 1802, lime sulfur was first used … Read more

Plant diseases – Symptoms and signs

bacterial leaf spot

Common Plant diseases – Symptoms and signs Common names of diseases are always based on their key symptoms. These symptoms are described below in detail. Anthracnose: A characteristic lesion is circular to angular, sometimes irregular sunken spot with a grayish-black … Read more

Epidemiology and various factors


Epidemiology or epiphytology is the study of the disease outbreak, its course, intensity, cause, and effects, and the various factors governing it. Based on the occurrence and geographical distribution, they are classified as follows:       Factors involved in making a disease … Read more