Thallus Organisation in Algae with diagrams

Thallus Organisation in Algae

In this article, we will discuss the thallus organisation in algae. A wide range of thalli is found in algae, particularly in the vegetative plant body. These diverse forms exhibit a definite spectrum. On one end, there are simple plants … Read more

Volvox – Occurrence , Structure & Reproduction

Volvox - Occurrence , Structure & Reproduction

Algae can be found in various settings, including soil, freshwater, and the ocean. Due to its colonial character, Volvox is a genus of green algae that is distinct and beautiful. The properties, life cycle, ecological relevance, and future applications of … Read more

Harmful Aspects of Algae | Biology Teach


In This Article, we discuss the harmful aspects of algae like how algae affect different life forms and cause water pollution. Usually, the excessive growth of algae in a mass or in a large area, especially in the plankton’s or floating form, may cause … Read more

Classification of Chlorophyceae (Green Algae)

Green Algae

The class Chlorophyceae is divided into the following orders: Order. 1. Volvocales: The order Volvocales includes 60 genera and about 500 species. Important characteristics: Classification: Fritsch (1935) divided the order Volvocales into 3 suborders and 7 families. Order. Volvocales: Order. … Read more